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Table of Contents


Part 1: Energy 


1.  Energy Fundamentals

2. The History of Energy and Materials

     Our First Tech

     From Energy: Bricks, Glass and Cement

     From Energy: The Bronze Age

     From Energy: The Iron Age

3. Modern Energy


     Wood: Energy for the Billions

     Coal: Fossilized Peat, the Foundation of Industry

     Oil: Fuel to Win

     Natural Gas: From Blue Flames, Blue Skies

     Liquid Bio-fuel: Goodbye Wilderness

     Alternatives to Combustion:

               Hydro Power: It Is What It Says on the Tin

               Nuclear Power: It Is What It Says on the Tin

               Wind Power: Turbulence Ahead

               Solar Power: Clouded by Toxic Waste

               Electrical Batteries: Dirty Clean Energy

               Hydrogen: Future Fuel?

     Conclusions in Respect of Modern Energy

Part 2: The Science of Carbon Dioxide in Upheaval

1. Preamble

2. Accepted Doctrine: Global Warming is Driven by Water Vapor 

3. New Science: The Water Cycle Rethought

4. New Science: More Carbon Dioxide Fertilizes an Increase of 2.3% in the Green Area of the Earth Per Decade

5. New Science: More Carbon Dioxide Fertilizes an of 2.0% in the Forested Area of the Earth Per Decade

6. New Science: Carbon Dioxide Regulates the Amount of Life on Earth

Part 3: Energy and Carbon Dioxide in Context

1. Atmospheric Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide

2. Efficient Farming

     Farming Is the Foundation of Human Civilization

     Farmland Is Taken from Wilderness

     Farming Is the Cornerstone of Prosperity 

3. EU Energy Policy: Prolonging a Century of Agony

4. Breathing Emits Carbon Dioxide

5. Oil & Lessons from Collapsed Civilizations

6. Carbon Markets: Fraud Markets

7. Game Changer: The End of Free Money

8. The Green Doctrine's Colonial Origins

9. Elephants & Bison: Habitat Matters, Not Carbon Dioxide

10. Green Hurricane: The Sociology of Green Energy 

11. Wildfires: Misrepresented to Promote Climate Fear

12. American Energy Leadership

13. Energy and the Role of Government

14. PR or Green Energy Gaslighting?


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