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Energy Shocks  was written to dispel many of the misrepresentations and misunderstandings related to energy and carbon dioxide, while explaining how energy and carbon dioxide actually work.

Energy Shocks is composed of three sections.

In the first section Energy Shocks provides a comprehensive understanding of energy, covering the history of the human use of energy in addition to assessing each of the forms of modern energy. The section critically assesses the Energy Transition, intended to replace fossil fuels with alternatives, concluding that a sustainable Energy Transition has yet to begin.

​In the second section Energy Shocks takes a detailed look at the doctrine of global warming as developed in the 1990s by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It then assesses the remarkable satellite discoveries made between 2016 to 2019, which contradict the accepted doctrine of global warming by providing unequivocal directly observed evidence that the primary effect of increasing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere has been an astounding increase in plant growth. The use of fossil fuels, which emit carbon dioxide, has simply increased the amount of vegetation on Earth. Our Earth is becoming greener and more forested at an astounding pace due to the fertilization effect from more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In the third section fourteen independent subjects are developed through short essays to give broader context to better understand energy and carbon dioxide. The most critical subject developed relates to farming, which is the foundation of human civilization and prosperity. Agriculture has been completely ignored in discussions related to the Energy Transition – an oversight that is increasing global hunger, poverty and habitat loss for wildlife.

The book is entitled Energy Shocks because the realities of energy and carbon dioxide are in shocking contradiction to the narratives that dominate the public’s understanding of these subjects.

Energy Shocks provides sufficient depth of analysis for experts while attempting to be imminently readable by non-experts. Energy Shocks contradicts widespread misunderstandings relating to both energy and carbon dioxide; therefore, the hundreds of citations to referenced sources are integral to Energy Shocks.

Energy Shocks elaborates why and how the green energy agenda has directly led to increased global poverty, hunger, energy poverty, geopolitical tensions, inflationary and cost of living pressures, acute energy crises, wars, refugee crises, corrosion of Western democratic institutions, global deforestation and environmental harm, threats to our freedom and to free markets, corruption, global chaos and risks of civilizational collapse.

Energy Shocks also develops the power of energy to make our world a better place.

The underlying purpose of Energy Shocks is to demystify both energy and carbon dioxide and to provide a straightforward understanding of how they work and to provide context to appreciate how they relate to other issues affecting our world.

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